About Jodi Wright

Hi, I’m Jodi, founder of Breathe-Wright.

I started my journey with the HeartMath institute back in 2017.

I needed a way to deal with the stress in my life. After adopting my daughter back in 2012 I really struggled with the constant battles and behavioural challenges that her attachment disorder and developmental trauma brought into my life.

I was so intrigued with the power that my breath had on every system in my body, I had to learn more.

The next few years took me on an adventure into breathwork, heart coherence, Meditation and Somatic movement.

I went on an inward journey of self-discovery, I learnt how to turn stress into resilience and create a state of calm and balance,yet felt energised at the same time.


It gave me a purpose, a real passion to help transform the lives of other people struggling with anxiety, stress, and everyday life.

I qualified as a HeartMath coach for stress and anxiety management and heart-based living.

I qualified as an advanced meditation teacher, and delved deeper into breathwork, becoming a breathwork facilitator on a mission to help people breathe better and feel better.

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